Q: What makes Innstreet better for our property?
A: We specializes in small independent hoteliers needs. Our products and services are properly scaled to meet those needs.

Q: Are their any booking fees or commissions when using Innstreet.
A: Innstreet clients pay one low monthly flat rate depending on the plan they select. There are no complicated accounting gimmicks. Our clients never have to fight over which bookings to pay for.

Q: Does Innstreet save us money by reducing the wholesaler commissions we now pay?
A: Yes. While Innstreet does create a whole new stream of revenue with the Innstreet Hospitality Marketing Plan with Innstreet Traffic Builder©, it also takes away bookings that currently go to commission based wholesalers. Guest prefer to book directly with the hotel. Our product incentivizes this further.

Q: Is Innstreet difficult to setup and learn how to use?
A: Not at all. We manage the entire setup process. If you can use a mouse or smart phone, you can use Innstreet.

Q: Once we establish service will Innstreet be there to help if we have questions or issues?
A: Yes. Outfits like iHotelier© and TravelClick© are nothing more than wholesalers under another name. Hiring a web developer to build your site that does not understand the hotel business is even worse. We only work with independent hoteliers. We are a small business too, and we care and understand.

Q: Do we have to sign a long term contract to use Innsteet?
A: No. We want our clients to be happy. Try Innstreet free for 30 days. After that our service is month to month. Cancel at any time. We will even help to transfer your service to another provider. Which in our 20 year history has never happened.

Q: What about a Domain Name?
A: If you do not have one we will register it for you under your ownership. Innstreet never owns our clients domain name. We do however prefer that if you currently have a domain name that it be transferred to © We have had a partnership with GoDaddy© for over a decade and have come to trust and rely on their products and services.

Q: Do we have to pay for webhosting?
A: Web hosting is included in the monthly service plan. However, if you wish to use your current site and hosting and just use the Innstreet Reservation System we are fine with that. However, our products and service are designed to work together. We recommend you use one of our templates which are optimized and state of the art. They also integrate into the Innstreet Traffic Builder© a proprietary product designed to boost sales.

Q: Can we customize the templates you offer?
A: Yes. Our templates are designed to be modified to meet each unique property’s need.